Week 36 Weigh In

keep-calm-its-weigh-in-dayWell, it’s the run up to Christmas, with nights out and lunches galore. I went out to a Christmas-themed pub quiz this weekend, but I didn’t drink any alcohol, and despite there being cheese and crackers and the most scrumptious looking home-made mince pies being right in front of me on the table, I resisted the temptation entirely because I wanted to shed another pound this week. Instead, I nibbled on the two Hi-Fi Light bars I’d stuffed into my handbag, and sipped Diet Coke and iced water with slices of lemon.

We won the quiz (Go, Team Rudolf!), and when I stepped on the scales this morning, I was rewarded with a whopping 3lb loss! On shark week! Bear in mind, I usually gain between 3lbs and 7lbs on shark week, I literally jumped for joy when I saw those numbers.

kiss_me_under_the_mistletoe_pin_up_girl_postcard-rb7fb4afd425b4bb096c64849648ab692_vg8ny_8byvr_1024This means I have smashed my target of shedding a pound for each week this year – I am down 54lbs on New Year, and I hope to lose another pound for my next weigh in, despite it being Christmas on Friday.

Christmas Day is ONE DAY, so I’m doing 777 Challenge rules for all the other days of the week, and having a “relaxed” day on Christmas Day, so I can enjoy a few naughties, but I’m not going to go crazy.

Here’s to everyone having a fantastic festive period!



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