Another non-scales victory

My new selection of pretty bras – a size smaller round the back and in the cup – hurrah!

Even though I have been very good over the Xmas period and only had Xmas Day as my “relaxed” day, there’s always a chance it could have been a bit too relaxed (I hope it wasn’t!) and I may have had a small gain this week (I’ll find out tomorrow morning – fingers crossed!). In the meantime, I wil celebrate my non-scales victory!

I decided it was high time I got myself some new bras as the ones I bought in the summer are now all too big. As I got some money for Xmas, I thought I’d go and treat myself to some pretty new ones.

I spent ages in the changing rooms finding the right size, and I discovered I’ve gone down another size, both in the back and the cup – hurrah! It’s one step closer to being able to buy “normal” sized bras that don’t look like hammocks (although the ones I got today are very pretty, actually). I am now a 36E – a size I haven’t been since before I was pregnant with my eldest son, so about eight years.

I haven’t yet found some new trousers I like, so I’m still wearing my too-large ones that are hanging from my hips instead of my waist, but as I wear longer tops anyway, I’m pulling off the look alright, and they’ll do till I lose another few pounds and they really start to fall off (as it is, I can take them off without undoing them!), which gives me another few weeks grace to find some I like!

So, adding all that to my finally fitting into a size medium jumper for Christmas, I’m feeling pretty darned good today, so no matter what the scales tell me tomorrow morning, I can still feel and see the difference, and feel a little victorious!

Slimming world has been the best gift to myself ever – and it’s a gift that keeps on giving!


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