Week 37 Weigh In

keep-calm-its-weigh-in-dayI am absolutely gutted! After only having one relaxed day, and skimping on syns on the days running up to and after Xmas Day in order to use flexi-syns, I stepped on the scales and found I’d gained 4.5lbs!

All I can think of is that my unexpected larger loss last week, when it was shark week and I would usually have a gain of several pounds, must have caught up a week late. I don’t feel bloated or like I’ve had a gain, in fact, if anything, I’ve been feeling less bloated and like I’m looking a lot better – my shopping spree to buy new, smaller, bras helped a great deal with that!

I had mentally prepared for the possibility of a couple of pounds going on over the festive period, but 4.5lbs? I have to admit, I’m very disappointed. However, I refuse to beat myself up about it. I am 100% on plan (without the 777 rules, which don’t seem to work for me for whatever reason!), and although I’m going out on New Year’s Day, I’ll not be drinking (I don’t drink much anyway, but I’ll be doing a dry January), and I will save my syns in case I get peckish (and I’ll be packing a couple of HEB Hi-Fi Light bars in my bag too, just in case!). I fully intend to start the new year with a fabulous loss!

So, today’s lunch is a nice salad, and I’m making corned beef and root vegetable hash, which will be served with more speed veg, for dinner tonight, then I’m filling my slow cooker to make a vat of Northumbrian broth (which is entirely SP) and that will be my lunches for the rest of the week.


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