Week 38 Weigh In

keep-calm-its-weigh-in-dayIt’s the first weigh in of the year, and after my disappointment at my post-Xmas weigh-in, I went back to basics and followed the plan in the hopes that it would mean I got shot of the 4.5lbs I gained last week (a gain I had no reason to have – I still haven’t quite figured that one out, to be honest!). I was rewarded with a loss of 3.5lbs, so I took off almost all of the weight that went on last week – that makes me very happy!

In the meantime, I’ve been taking stock and reminding myself of exactly what is achievable. I have 38lbs to shed before I reach target (although I may then decide o a further 9lbs to take it to a round 100lbs gone – it depends how I look and feel when I get there). I fully intend to reach that goal THIS YEAR. I can and will do it – preferably by my birthday at the end of September!

If we work together to give each other the support needed to succeed, stick to the plan, and stay to group after weigh-in for hints, tips, and extra support and motivation, we can all get to our goal weights. Wouldn’t it be lovely if it happened THIS YEAR for us all?

Even the smallest losses build up. There are 52 weeks in the year:
0.5lbs each week = 26lbs lost (1 stone 12lbs)
1lb each week = 52lbs (3 stones 10lbs)
1.5lbs each week = 78lbs (5 stones 8lbs)
2lbs each week = 104 lbs (7stones 6lbs)
2.5lbs each week = 130 lbs (9 stones 4lbs)
3lbs each week = 156 lbs (11 stones 2lbs)

How much weight do you want to shed this year? If you stick with the plan, you CAN do it! Hears to a new you in the new year!



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