Calling all peanut butter fans!

OK, so you’re doing Slimming World. You love it, and you have fifteen syns to play with every day. All is well. Till you remember you love peanut butter. And peanut butter is incredibly synful.

One level tablespoon of peanut butter is going to cost you around 5 syns. Even the reduced fat stuff will set you back 4 syns. And one tablespoon of peanut butter doesn’t actually get you very far, especially if you love the stuff. Am I right?

Chunks of apple with PB2 peanut butter – only 2.5 syns!

So, what if I told you the peanut butter in the picture here, with the cut up apple chunks to dunk in it, only cost me 2.5 syns? You’d be pretty stoked, wouldn’t you?

I know I was! I mean, after all, that’s a fairly large dollop of peanut butter, isn’t it? More than enough to make my very virtuous apple taste like a real treat.

Do you want to know what it really is?

OK, I’ll tell you. It really is peanut butter! It’s not a tweak or a substitute, it’s real, honest-to-goodness peanut butter, and it tastes intensely peanutty.

It is, quite frankly, all kinds of awesome.

It actually comes in powdered form, as it’s dehydrated, and it has a whopping 85% less fat than regular peanut butter. To take two level tablespoons of the powder (12g), and mix it with one tablespoon of water (or slightly more or less, to get whatever consistency you desire), and it is only 2.5 syns for all that!

It’s a product called PB2.And it comes in two varieties – peanut butter, and peanut butter with chocolate. Yes – that’s right – chocolatey peanut butter! How awesome is that?!

Now, it’s not on the Syns Online system – I had to use the Syns Calculator to work it out, so you don’t have to take my word for it, you can put the info in yourself and see it’s true – just 2.5 syns for a massive dollop of peanut butter! And the chocolate flavoured one is the same!

Peanut butter porridge, made with 35g oats (HEB), some almond milk (from my HEA), and PB2 peanut butter (2.5 syns), then topped with fruit.

Now, I confess, I haven’t yet tried the chocolate one, because I’m not eating chocolate during January (I know, insane, right?!), but as soon as we tick over into February, I’m going to be all over that stuff like snow on a ski slope in winter!

EDITED TO ADD: I’ve since tried the chocolate one too, and it is GORGEOUS! Seriously, it’s so delicious I nearly fell right over when I tried it!

I put some of the regular one into my porridge (which I made using 35g of oats as my HEB, and some almond milk from my HEA), and it was absolutely lush! I topped it all with raspberries and cherries, just to keep to the plan 100% by adding some speed.

Now, it is a little pricey – I paid £8.00 plus delivery from Amazon for the two jars (one of each), but I can honestly say I think it’s worth it, because you can make a hell of a lot of peanut butter with that amount. And because it’s powder, you don’t have to worry about it going off any time soon either – you just make up the amount you’re going to use, and it only takes a few seconds to do it. And to be honest, if you’re as bit a fan of peanut butter as I am, I think paying a little bit extra for a product that tastes AMAZING and costs you roughly half the syns of the regular stuff without filling you up with loads of junk is absolutely worth it.

You know you want it!


Please note, I WAS NOT PAID FOR THIS REVIEW, nor was I given this product for free – I bought it myself for my own personal use, and all opinions expressed are entirely my own.


One thought on “Calling all peanut butter fans!

  1. Just had this peanut butter which I got along with the choccy one as well and just tried it on two organic rice cakes and topped it off with mashed banana and have to say it was fab.and I will certainly be having this on a regular basis scrumpy.


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