Week 41 Weigh In

keep-calm-its-weigh-in-dayUp, down, up, down – is there no end to this bloody yo-yoing?

After my fabulous 4lb loss last week, I gained 2lbs this week.

Gutted? Yes!

I was 100% on-plan every day but one. On Saturday night, I had an attack of nerves, as I was donating blood for the very first time the following afternoon, and I’m terrified of needles, so it was kind of a big deal for me. So, I ate through my anxiety. I ate buttered bread and cheese.

Actually, I had three slices of white bread with Lurpack Lightest spread on it, and a chunk of cheese twice the thickness of my thumb. It could have been worse. I could easily have eaten half a loaf of bread, spread thick with real butter, and an entire block of cheese – it’s not anything I haven’t done before when feeling particularly stressed. And after I’d had my little pig-out, I felt guilty and grabbed a couple of satsumas (speed food!) to try and off-set some of the damage. Silly, I know, but it felt good to do something so on-plan after falling off the wagon.

Personally, I don’t think a few slices of bread and a bit of cheese can account for two whole pounds of weight gain, so I’m guessing that the stress led to me holding onto everything, and in drinking more after giving blood, I maybe retained some extra water. However, I refuse to feel bad about it – I did a good thing, and I’m not scared of it any more, so I won’t be having a nervous pig-out the night before donating next time (and I’ve already booked my appointment for when they come back in June!).

So, this week, it’s back on the plan 100% and I’ll be having a nice loss next week, thank you – hopefully along with my next certificate!

Donating blood for the first time!
Donating blood for the first time!

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