Getting organized…

contents page
The first of my two contents pages for this binder

I saying how being organized and planning ahead is key to Slimming World success, and to that end, I’ve been doing a little organizing this afternoon.

Today I tore up all my Slimming World magazines.

No, it’s not what you’re thinking – I removed all the recipes from the magazines.

Then I took a nice, big lever arch folder, and I stuffed it full of polypockets.

Then I took little stickers, and numbered all the pockets.

Then I popped the recipes into the polypockets – pages with recipes on both sides were single-occupancy, but those with recipes only on one side were inserted back to back.

Then I took note of which recipes were in which pockets, and made a contents page with the recipes divided up into sections for soups, salads and light lunches, poultry, red meat, sea food, vegetarian, desserts, and drinks, snacks and treats, noting how many syns each dish was per portion, and whether it used either the Healthy A or Healthy B options in them.

I can now just scan the contents pages and see at a glance which recipes I fancy and how many syns I will use if I make them, and I can find them easily. As I’m planning on trying being vegetarian for a week at some point this year, that vegetarian section will come in very useful indeed!

And I still have more recipes to file away, so I will have to get a second binder and more polypockets to finish the project!


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