Week 43 Weigh In

keep-calm-its-weigh-in-dayDaaa-dum… Daaa-dum Daaa-dum… Daaa-dum Daaa-dum Daaa-dum…

Yup, it’s shark week – Yay! *end sarcasm*

Couple that with the fact that I have had no sleep for three days because my youngest son is poorly at the moment, and the result is a 3lb gain this week, but given that I’ve been known to gain up to 7lbs due to water retention, I call 3lbs on a bit of a win, so I’m not too disappointed.

Anyway, now that’s done with, I can talk about the good stuff. This week we had our taster day! I love taster days, because there are so many things I hear about but can’t quite bring myself to try making because I look at the recipes and think to myself, “Well, that just sounds dreadful!” This morning, however, I tried several things from that list that were rather tasty – the main one being the lemon drizzle cake, which I will definitely try baking at some point in the very near future.

I took along some of my now famous chilli chicken (it always goes down well and was all gone in no time at all) – one of our members gave me a huge compliment and said it was her favourite recipe ever, which put a big smile on my face. The syn-free lemon curd proved very popular too – I love that particular recipe and often have that for dessert when everyone else is having ice cream – I just serve it with some raspberries for extra speed, and tuck in! I printed out loads of little recipe cards (with the blog address on too!) for both, so everyone could take one and try making them at home (I like to be organised!).

There was such a good turn out with loads of different, delicious foods to try – I kind of wish we could do taster days more often!

Anyway, onwards and downwards – I have my week all planned out and I’m sticking to the plan, so that weight will come back off again next week once the sharks have stopped circling and my body lets go of all the water it’s holding onto with all its might!


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