Week 45 Weigh In

keep-calm-its-weigh-in-dayI have been off-plan for most of the week. After last week’s surprise evening weigh-in loss, I was ready for a fantastic week, but then disaster after disaster struck…

It started when I fell down the stairs on Tuesday morning (just as well I weighed in on Monday night instead, because I couldn’t possibly have made it to class after that!), then had a second tumble in the bathroom a few hours later, which resulted in me spending the afternoon in A&E waiting for an X-ray Fortunately, I didn’t break anything, but I was left with a very badly sprained ankle and big toe (that got bent right back when I slipped down the stairs), and given crutches to get around, having been told I’d probably need them for 7-10 days, and it would likely take up to 6 months before my injury was fully healed. I then went over on my ankle again on Saturday night, which didn’t help.

That was the start of it. The rest of the week (which was the mid-term break from school), was also filled with all kinds of nonsense I won’t go into here, but the long and short of it is, I lay on the sofa feeling sorry for myself for a week. All of it piled up and conspired against me. I know – it’s not an excuse, but it is a contributing reason as to why my week did not go well, and as I was nowhere near as active as I usually am, that was another strike against me.

As I’m still on crutches, I got a lift to group this morning, and I did a weigh-and-run. I don’t like not staying to group, but I didn’t want my Mam and youngest son (who is 2 years old) to have to wait around in the car for me, so I did a dash. Or as close to a dash as I could manage on my crutches (honestly, my ankle is improving, but it still aches if I go more than half a dozen steps without at least one crutch at the moment). The result was a 2.5lb gain, which, when you look at how bad my week has been, is nothing short of a miracle. I was mentally prepared for almost twice that!

Anyway, I have drawn a line under the past week and have resolved to get organized and stick to the plan 100% this week. Enough of this yo-yo nonsense already, Kell! I’m giving myself a good hard kick in the butt with my one good leg, and going back to basics. And next week, I’ll be staying to group like I normally do next week too, because I really miss the people, support, and the ideas I get from group – I wouldn’t trade them for the world!



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