I’m going nuts here!

84982525_901468161eI’ve mentioned before that I’m a member of several weightloss-related social media groups, and the extra support and motivation I get from participating in those groups is great. However, I’m being driven crazy by certain people who say certain things…

  1. I’m really disappointed – it’s taken me four weeks to lose half a stone!
  2. I’m losing weight so slowly – just got my 1 stone award after 12 weeks!
  3. I’ve only lost half a pound this week – totally gutted!
  4. Only two pounds off this week – I feel like giving up!

All these people have one thing in common – they’re losing weight but they are unhappy!


Here are my answers to each of the above statements:

  1. Four weeks to lose half a stone? That’s an average of 1.75lbs each week – almost twice the amount health professionals tell us we should be aiming for (1lb per week) for a steady, sustainable, safe weight loss.
  2. 12 weeks to lose a stone? That’s still averaging at just over a pound a week – you’re doing great!
  3. If you lose half a pound every week, that’s 26 lbs in a year, which is just shy of two stones. And it’s still coming off – you’re heading in the right direction.
  4.  OK, you’re just taking the piss. you know you’ve had a good weight loss and you’re just rubbing everyone’s noses in it, which is a bit shitty to be honest! Get a grip! There are people trying really hard and losing half a pound or a pound here and there, and YOU are the reason they think they’re not doing well enough! That’s just not cool, guys!

Yes, some people will lose larger amounts every week, but they are usually either:

  1. just starting on their weightloss journey and making such a big change in their day to day eating habits is making a huge impact, resulting in dramatic weight loss which will even out as they go on.
  2. a larger person overall (bigger people have more to lose, and will usually shed it a bit fast to start with), but again, this will slow down as they get lighter.
  3. have an intensive regular cardio exercise routine that helps them burn off extra calories.

And if you really are disappointed at “only” losing a small amount of weight, try looking at the bigger picture:

If you lose…

  • half a pound per week… that’s 26lbs in a year (2lbs shy of 2 stones)
  • pound per week… that’s 52lbs in a year (4lbs shy of 4stones)
  • 1.5lbs per week… that’s 78lbs in a year (5 stones 8lbs)
  • 2lbs per week… that’s 104lbs in a year (7stones 6lbs)
  • 2.5lbs per week… that’s 130lbs (9 stones 4lbs)
  • 3lbs per week… that’s 156lbs (11stones 2lbs)

Shrek_2_Fairy_GodmotherNow, be honest, if your Fairy Godmother appeared on New Years Day, and told you that in exactly one year’s time, you could be 2 stones lighter, and you could still eat all your favourite foods, and didn’t have to exercise, wouldn’t you be totally stoked? I know I would! Well, losing “only” half a pound every week will take you to just shy of that amount.

So, what I really want is for everyone to quit whining, put on their big girl pants (or big boy pants), and when you have a loss, no matter how small, celebrate it! Don’t put yourself or your efforts down, just accept that you didn’t put on all this extra weight overnight, and it’s not going to come off overnight either. It’s going to take time. Losing weight is not a race. It doesn’t matter if someone else you know is losing 5lbs every week – that is their weight loss journey, and this is yours.

Accept that, and keep going, because you can do it!



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