Week 46 Weigh In

keep-calm-its-weigh-in-dayI went in to class this morning fully expecting a gain – I haven’t been totally bad, but I haven’t exactly been taking note of everything and following the plan exactly either. Turns out, I must have subconsciously followed it better than I thought, because I came away with a 2lb loss. Usually that would have had me whooping and cheering on the scales, but I was quiet this morning, To be honest, I think I was a little in shock! I was convinced I’d been told I had gained 2lbs, but the opposite was true! Either way, I’ll take that loss and run with it!

Shark week is due next week, but I’m hoping to come in with a loss anyway, because as of today I’ve started a new challenge! I have signed up for NO MEAT MARCH, along with a friend, which will be a big change for me. I’ve been toying with vegetarianism for a while now, but never taken the plunge for longer than a week (which I did as a challenge a few years back). My leanings towards it are due to many reasons -the treatment of animals reared for slaughter, and the environmental impact their rearing causes, are two factors, along with the health consequences of heavy long-term meat consumption. A large part of it, though, is to force me to really think about what I’m eating and try new recipes, as I’ve been stuck in a rut lately, and I felt I really needed the impetus of a challenge to get me out of it.

We shall see what kind of an impact it makes on my weight loss efforts over the course of the month! In the meantime, if anyone wants to post their favourite vegetarian recipes in the comments, I’d be very glad to try them!



3 thoughts on “Week 46 Weigh In

  1. Good luck with your no meat March, Kell. Suggested recipe when you don’t have much time or energy- stir fry loads of speed veg, such as onions, mushrooms, peppers, cigarettes and stir into a Batchelors pasta and sauce made with all water. The tomato and herb one is also good with part of the water replaced by a tin of tomatoes.

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  2. Lolo! Damned auto correct strikes again! Courgettes, NOT cigarettes. Guess if I’d put zucchini it would have been alright. X


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