Week 48 Weigh In

keep-calm-its-weigh-in-dayAfter unexpectedly losing weight on Shark Week last Tuesday, I had a feeling it would catch up with me this week, especially as I’d only been about 80% to plan (if that, to be honest – maybe more like 75%), and I was right, but only to the tune of half a pound on, so I’m happy enough with that. I really do want to be 100% on-plan this week though, so I hope to see a good loss next week!

I’m still going strong with No Meat March, and on the whole I’ve been absolutely fine with it, but on Sunday, hubby and the boys fancied beef and gravy pie for dinner, so I made one. It looked gorgeous and the smell was absolutely intoxicating! I almost caved and had a slice, but I managed to resist (a major test of my will power, I can tell you!), and had my nut roast with vegetables and onion gravy instead. It was perfectly lovely, but I couldn’t help having very envious eyes as everyone else was digging into that pie!

I’ll be posting a couple more vegetarian recipes this week, so keep your eyes peeled for those, I’ve tried one of them already, but due to an ill-timed knock at the front door, I left it in the oven a little too long, and although it tasted lovely, it wasn’t photo-worthy, so I’ll make it again to post the recipe. And I had an idea for a pudding recipe while in class this morning, so I’ll be trying that out – hopefully it will be as delicious as I made it sound in my head!

Have a great week, everyone – keep being Big Losers!


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