Recipe: Onion Bhajis

There’s nothing quite like a really good Indian take-out, is there? Of course, now I’m on Slimming World, I make my own delicious curries that are every bit as good as the ones I could get delivered, and totally syn-free (as opposed to the gazillion syns I’d eat if I got that take-out!). I forgo the naan bread and make some herby CLOUD BREAD instead, but I’ve really missed my onion bhajis, which were just to syn-ful for me to reckon them being worth it – till now!

Yes, now I make onion bhajis that taste delicious, but are only half a syn each – how great is that?! I reckon that’s worth more than any conveniently delivered meal, don’t you?

F = Free food (eat as much as you like)
S = Speed food (these should make up at least a third of your meal)
P = Protein free food (eat as much of these as you like!)
HEA = Healthy Extra A (a daily allowance of dairy produce)
HEB = Healthy Extra B (a daily allowance of a product with fibre)
# = a number denotes roughly how many syns are in foods used

942264_10156531640370386_8341757041793369619_nONION BHAJIS
Makes four at 0.5 syns each


  • 1 medium grated sweet potato (F)
  • 1 small onion, finely sliced (S)
  • 1 level tbsp plain flour (2)
  • 1 egg (P)
  • 1/2 tsp each of curry powder, chilli powder, and garam masala (F)
  • Frylight (F)


  • Preheat the oven to 200C.
  • Spray a baking tray with Frylight.
  • Beat the egg, then mix all the ingredients together.
  • Divide into four equal portions, and press together into rough balls with your hands.
  • Place them on the baking sheet, spray with a little Frylight, and pop them in the middle of the oven for 20-25 minutes, till golden brown.
  • Serve hot.

Please make sure to put them in the middle of the oven and keep an eye on them to make sure they don’t burn – I stupidly put mine in at the top of the oven because I was cooking other things, and then went off to do other stuff, so mine were a little dark, but they were perfectly tasty anyway. I served mine with a vegetarian curry (because I’m doing No Meat March), and rice, and I felt like I’d had a proper Indian meal – delicious!


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