Week 51 Weigh In

keep-calm-its-weigh-in-dayOK, I weighed in a few days later than usual, as I couldn’t make my normal Tuesday morning class. During those three extra days, I was particularly restrictive and didn’t use up my syns like I normally would. I hadn’t been particularly good over the weekend, and I really wanted to make the most of that extra three days to boost my weight loss, which would have the knock on effect of boosting my morale and motivation.

It worked.

I shed 6lbs between my last weigh in and this one!

This is the biggest loss I have had since starting the plan – that’s pretty awesome!

Was it worth restricting myself severely for a few days? Hell, yeah! Is it something I could do all the time? Hell, no! It was a one-off to refocus my efforts, get me back on track, and get my head back in the game, and it worked. It is, however, something I will consider doing again if I stall further down the line. It was tough – it was really hard work not giving in and saying, “Sod it, I’ll have that and syn it!” and it would be completely unsustainable long-term (as well as not being optimal for health or happiness), but as a short-term boost, I think it was worth it.

Now I’m back on the plan good and proper. I I have planned out my menu for the entire week, and left leeway for syns to be a part of my daily plan once more. I’m looking forward to getting back to normality with the kids going back to school (oh, how I’ve missed my regular routine!).

And even better news – another half pound off, and I will merely be “overweight” – this is immense for me! I never thought I’d be happy at the thought of being overweight, but when it’s the difference between that and being obese, it’s a pretty big deal! My target is now that little bit closer, and I feel great about that!

Have a fantastic week, everyone!

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