Week 53 Weigh In

keep-calm-its-weigh-in-dayEver had one of those weeks where there’s nothing but stress and running around? And then you find you’re rarely at home and have to eat out? And when you’re eating out, there aren’t many Slimming World friendly options that are within your budget?

Yup. That was my week.

Now, I’m not using it as an excuse for my gain of 7.5lbs, as I cold have done a lot better – I could have taken food with me if I’d thought ahead, and I could have made better choices in the evening when I was home instead of thinking, “Sod it, I’ve already blown it for the day anyway!” – but it certainly didn’t help.

I started each day with the very best intentions, but things got out of hand, and when I then re-injured my already busted ankle I sat on the sofa and threw myself a big ol’ pity party.

But still, I went to my weigh in, and I stayed to group afterwards. It would have been so easy to put in a holiday and not go at all, or to go and then slip out the door immediately afterwards, but I didn’t. I sucked it up, I owned my gain, and I drew a line under it.

I’m a day late posting this (as I was still run off my feet yesterday!), but I am proud to say that I was 100% on-plan all day, and only used seven syns – and that included having a delicious pudding after dinner!

I’m planning this week out a lot better and I won’t have quite so much of being out and about all day like I did this past week, so I’ll find it a lot easier to stay on track for that reason alone, but also because I’m determined to have a loss next week, despite the fact that it will be Shark Week. I don’t want any ore weight going back on – I want it GONE!

So, having such a massive gain was probably the best thing that could have happened to me, because I am now back to feeling completely motivated and focused once more.

I’ve got this!


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