Week 54 Weigh In

keep-calm-its-weigh-in-dayI know – I’m a day late posting my weekly results again, but Fridays are busy days for me. Apart from weighing in, I have a gazillion things to do, including housework, menu planning and grocery shopping, doing the school run for my 7-year-old, looking after my incredibly energetic 2-year-old… the list goes on and on.

Anyway, here I am, checking in at last. I’ve not missed a single weigh in or update in over a year now, and that’s something of which I can be proud. I’ve also stayed to group every week, apart from two weeks where I had to weigh and run due to childcare complications – that’s another non-scales victory – the support, tips, recipes, and friends I’ve got from going and staying to group cannot be underestimated – they are all a major part of my successful journey. I cannot thank my groups and consultants enough for their support and friendship, and I will continue to enjoy going to group each week!

05-jawsNow, onto the actual update. You’ll recall that last week I had a massive gain after being completely off-plan for the entire week? Well, this week I stuck to the plan 100% until late on Thursday night (yes, the night before weigh in!), when I had a bit of a chocolate binge as Shark Week had started and my hormones went crazy. However, as I hadn’t used all my syns on other days, I was fairly confident that it would be absorbed into my syns allowance for the week. All I had to worry about was the actual physical weight of the chocolate I had guzzled, but in any event, I had all night for my body to digest it and do what it would with the rest.

With it being Shark Week, I wasn’t expecting too much – as I mention pretty much every month, I have been known to gain anything up to about 7lbs just from water retention – I blow up like a balloon! However, coming off the back of a week where I was so far off plan, I hoped that it would kick my body into gear when it was suddenly faced with eating healthily again. Fortunately, it paid off, and I stepped on the scales to a 4lb loss, which elated me! I could have skipped and danced around the room if it weren’t for the crippling cramps I was experiencing (the first few days of Shark Week really are hell for me – it feels like I’m in labour, and after having two kids, I’m well aware of how that feels!).

14382951329722105732455And now, we have a holiday weekend to contend with, but that shouldn’t be a problem for me as we have no plans to party! I am ON THIS and WILL come in a little lighter next Friday. I’m more than happy with a steady weight loss averaging at a pound a week, but if I can end each month a little lighter than I started it, even if only a pound or two difference, I’ll be fine with that. This is a marathon, not a sprint – I don’t care about coming first, I just care about getting to the finish line.


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