Week 55 Weigh In

keep-calm-its-weigh-in-dayHere I am checking in a couple of days late again – it’s been absolutely hectic!

My week wasn’t as great as I’d hoped it would be. I started each day with the best intentions, and to be fair, most days were maybe about 90% on plan, which went some way to making up for the fact that a couple of days were more like 0%. It was the old story of stress overload leading to comfort eating in the evenings. It’s something I have to work on – retraining myself not to turn to food as the answer to everything (because, logically, I know it’s not, but it’s hard not to act on it after a lifetime of being that way!).

So, all in all, a gain of half a pound felt like I’d dodged a bullet!

I put a lot of care into planning ahead for this week though, and I’m doing the 777 Challenge to really make sure that last week doesn’t “catch up” to me in a major way. As I type this, I’m half way through day three, and I’m 100% on-plan. Friday and Saturday both saw me use no more than seven syns, I drank a minimum of seven drinks each day, and overshot my target of a minimum of seven different speed foods. I’m not doing SP, but I am aiming to have half my plate filled with speed food at every meal, with the other half being a mixture of protein and free foods.

And finally, I’m beginning to be able to leave food on my plate when I realise I’m full. I’ve always had a problem with stuffing every last morsel down my gullet even when I’m no longer hungry, sometimes even when it’s starting to feel uncomfortable (a childhood of “finish up – think of the starving children in Ethiopia!” trained me to clear my plate even when I didn’t want to). There have been a couple of meals where I’ve pushed my plate away before it’s empty, which is a major step forward for me, and a major non-scales victory.

So, I’m getting there. It’s still a case of baby steps, even after a year on the Slimming Word plan. The weight didn’t go on overnight and it’ll take time to come off again too – I know and accept that – it’s just time to knuckle down and start getting some good results again.

And next Friday I should be getting another Platinum Body Magic award, so that’ll be something good to look forward to!

Have a fabulous week, peeps!


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