Week 56 Weigh In

keep-calm-its-weigh-in-dayYou may recall I made a post yesterday about how I did the 777 Challenge for the past week. I even posted everything I ate over the course of the week. You’d think after a week of only using half my syns and being 100% on-plan I’d have a great result, right?


I lost 1lb. One paltry pound.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy I lost some weight – I’m heading in the right direction – but COME ON! All that effort to get a bit of a boost, and it comes to nothing? To say I’m a little peeved is an understatement.

And I would have been fine, but then, while I was making my cuppa, someone asked me when my baby was due.

Yup, that old chestnut again.

You’d think being actually in a slimming group, it would be the one place in the world where one could be sure of NOT being asked that question. Nope – I’m not even safe there!

Let me reiterate – it is NEVER OK to ask a woman if she is pregnant or when she’s due UNLESS YOU CAN SEE A BABY COMING OUT OF HER RIGHT AT THAT MOMENT!

Asking that question is exactly the kind of thing that can send someone into a downward spiral – binge after binge of comfort eating. So, thanks for really putting a dampener on my day. Think twice before you open your mouth next time, OK?

A big thank you to Val, who cheered me up no end and made sure I left the class in a good mood. It’s good to have friends who give you moral support when you need it, and I really needed it today! Thank you, Val – you’re a star!

On a side note, I got my THIRD Platinum Body Magic award today, so it’s a big up yours to those who would try to dull my sparkle today!

I won’t let the shitty moments get me down. I’m going to have another fabulous week.

Have a great week, everyone. And don’t let anyone take the shine off your day!


2 thoughts on “Week 56 Weigh In

  1. I’m so sorry someone asked if you were pregnant, I’ve had that happen to me in the past too. Worst one was on my 21st birthday on my way to get a tattoo by a taxi driver! I was like btw I’m not pregnant and if I was I wouldn’t be in your taxi just now as you’re not allowed to be tattooed when pregnant and that shut him up lol

    I have a question if you get a chance to answer it, when did you get your platinum body magic after your gold one? I’m a gold member but seeing your post saying you’ve had 3 platinum awards makes me think not every consultant allows more than one? My consultant said I could call platinum in 8 weeks time as that’s how long it would take for another gold but that’ll be my last body magic award.

    Keep up the good work!


    • You get your Platinum if you do two Golds consecutively. I’ve done it three times. I only have two certificates though, as I got my first gold and platinum awards at one group, but recently changed groups, so I claimed my latest platinum there. 😉

      I continually log my body magic as I’m also doing the distance ones (at the moment I’m doing the “Tackle the River Thames” which is 346km and is the tenth distance challenge – once you’ve finished the first, you can start logging on the next one, etc – each starts from scratch though – your distance doesn’t carry over!). I find it helps make sure I do at least a little movement every day, or I’ve be tempted to sit in front of the telly or just do crafts all day long – LOL!


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