Week 57 Weigh In

keep-calm-its-weigh-in-dayIt’s been a week of positives and negatives, but the positives have FAR outnumbered the negatives.


  • I stress ate a bunch of almond pastries whilst waiting to hear the outcome of my first audition in fifteen years.
  • I didn’t get the part for which I auditioned.
  • I gained half a pound this week as a result of the stress eating.


  • I did an audition! For the first time in fifteen years! And I enjoyed it!
  • I did get a small part in the show, which is probably better and a lot less stressful for my first foray into theatre in a decade and a half, because I won’t have so much to learn.
  • I only put on half a pound! It could have been so much worse, so it’s a win!
  • I really like the person who got the part I wanted, and she’s going to be brilliant, so I’m really happy for her.
  • I got into a skirt that has been unworn in my wardrobe for years. And it was generous on me. And it was a SIZE 14! I can’t believe it! I frickin’ size 14 skirt that has no elastic, is a zip and hook fastener, and has room to move! I am elated!

So, overall, despite having a small gain, it was an incredibly good week for me! And with the stress of waiting to hear about the results of an audition, I can now go ahead and enjoy singing at the WWII re-enactment this weekend – I always love doing that.

Have an amazing week, everyone – and remember to count all your victories, large and small, and see that your positives can outweigh negatives if you look at things from another angle.


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