Ready-Made Review: Asda Reduced Fat Sausages

Asda have several offerings in the reduced fat sausages area, and as that’s where I go my grocery shopping, I’ve had ample opportunity to try them out and compare them, both to each other, and to other sausages on the market. For the purposes of this review, however, I will focus solely on Asda’s own-brand offerings.

5054070024423_280_IDShot_3Asda Reduced Fat Pork Sausages and Asda Reduced Fat Cumberland Sausages are both much of a muchness. I don’t really notice much difference in the taste or texture of them. Not being a sausage expert, I couldn’t tell you what the difference is between regular and Cumberland sausages anyway.

At a push, I’d say the Cumberland sausages are slightly spicier, but it’s really only a hint. Both are very tasty – proper, meaty sausages that you can get your teeth into and really enjoy.

5052449889628_280_IDShot_3Both varieties are 1.5 syns per sausage, and I, for one, reckon they’re worth it. They’re my favourite of all the low-syn sausages I’ve tried to date, and I regularly pop them in my trolley. I stab them with a fork a few times and pop them under the grill – I love them!

You can find them in the chilled section, but they freeze very well, and will keep much longer if you freeze them. I just defrost them before cooking and they’re just as good as they are fresh.

5054781049708_280_IDShot_3The other option is in the freezer section. I only found out about these last week via a Facebook group, as I don’t generally buy frozen sausages, but I resolved to give these a try as they are only half a syn for two sausages, I figured I owed it to myself to taste them and see if they were as good as the ones from the chilled section.

The frozen ones are typically less than 5% fat, which is always good, and you cook them from frozen, which is a time-saver. As a result, I didn’t bother pricking them like I would with the fresh ones, which resulted in them splitting down the length, but that doesn’t bother me. They’re quite a firm sausage, and they taste quite meaty.

They’re not as flavoursome or succulent as the chilled sausages, but that, I presume, will largely be down to the very low fat content. On the whole I much prefer the chilled sausages to eat in a meal like bangers and mash or a fry up, but these frozen ones would, I imagine, work very well in a casserole.

Overall, the sausages from the chilled section remain my favourites, but I will certainly use the frozen ones in casseroles and sauce-based dishes, as they will get some extra flavour and moisture from that kind of recipe.

You can see my review of syn-free sausages HERE, and my comparison of reduced fat sausages to their regular counterparts HERE.

Please note, I WAS NOT PAID FOR THIS REVIEW, nor was I given this product for free – I bought it myself for my own personal use, and all opinions expressed are entirely my own.


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