Week 59 Weigh In

keep-calm-its-weigh-in-dayHello again, everyone! How’s everyone been this week? Tried anything new? This week (starting Monday) I have been taking part in a no-night-snacks challenge. Basically, I’m not eating after 8.30pm, unless there is a damned good reason for it (i.e. rehearsals not finishing till 9.30pm), in which case I keep my Healthy Extra B choice for that.

And I’ve stuck to it too – on Wednesday night, rehearsals finished late, so I kept my HEB choice back for when I got home.

Last night, I totally forgot, and snacked as I usually would (at around 9.30pm), and kicked myself afterwards, but I didn’t beat myself up too much – it was simply a memory slip after a very long and tiring day (I was looking after five kids ranging from 2 months old to 7 years old from 8am – I usually only have a 2 year old and a 7 year old to contend with), and forgave myself pretty quickly.

I’ve also worked a little on using some of my syns at mealtimes, rather than saving them for my evening snacks, thus forcing me to choose more sensibly for that night time nibble. It’s been fine, to a point, but I do love to have a little chocolate at night. I’ve been getting my chocolate fix with Mikado (half a syn each), and I suck all the chocolate off them before eating the biscuit. It makes it last a bit longer that way. You have to give me credit for trying, at least!

Anyway, I’ve been on-plan about 95% of the time (I really do try to be 100% every week, it just doesn’t always work out that way – sometimes life gets in the way, you know?). I’m trying to learn to deal with stress in a way that doesn’t involve food, so I’ve been doing a lot of crafting and pen-pal letter-writing, as well as pampering myself with manicures and facials. So far it’s working, but I haven’t been particularly stressed over the last two weeks (despite having three extra kids one day – LOL!), so we’ll see how I cope if I get totally harassed!

And I became a member of the social team at group – I was taking payments today – and I didn’t flap or anything! So many members have countdowns it was simply a case of swiping their card and waving them through – so much simpler. Seriously, if you’ve never had a countdown, consider getting one – if you buy a six-week countdown, you only pay for five weeks and get one free. If you buy a twelve-week countdown, you pay for ten weeks and get two weeks free. And you get through check-in so much faster.

feet-bathroom-scale-laughing-cute-face-dial-43018802As a result of being on the social team. I got to weigh in a smidgen earlier than usual, and was very pleased to find I’d shed 1.5 lbs this week – that’s two weeks on the trot! I’m pleased as punch and it’s redoubled my motivation to keep on track (it’s worth mentioning this was the third week of my twelve week count down – do you see the effect buying one has had on me? I’m more determined than ever!)

So, onward and downwards! Have a fantastic week, everyone!


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