Week 60 Weigh In

keep-calm-its-weigh-in-dayI’m a day late posting this update – you know how it is – life bets busy and you get sidetracked and then you run out of time, and before you know it, it’s a whole new day and you’re busy then too! Anyway, I’m taking a few minutes just now to make the post I missed!

Yesterday we held out Man of the Year celebration – well done Roger – very well deserved! We celebrated by having a taster session, which is always good fun. I took in the baked white chocolate souffle cheesecake I’d made the night before, which went down rather well – it was all gone by the end of the session, despite me cutting it into such small pieces that they were just a single syn each for tasting purposes. I also made a couple of jars of syn-free lemon curd, which is a favourite of mine. What was left of that was taken home by my friends Valerie and Kath – yummy! There were all manner of delicious dishes to try, and I took home a couple of new recipes to try.

Anyway, aside from the fun had at group, I had a pretty lax week and was only on plan maybe 60% of the time. I expected a gain and got what I expected – up a pound this week. Still, what do I do, but take it on the chin, dust myself off, and draw a line under it? Planning a little ahead this week (even if only a meal or two ahead sometimes!), and keeping it all under control. Got to keep it locked down and turn it around again!

Have a great week, everyone – onwards and downwards!

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