Week 65 Weigh In

My video entry for my weigh in results this week, along with some thoughts and plans for the week ahead. Apologies for sounding so out of puff – I’ve been chasing the kids around! And another apology for the fact that, yet again, YouTube has seen fit to choose the least flattering moment possible to freeze-frame! Seriously, YouTube, I’m self-conscious enough without you making me look like there’s something very wrong with me every time I shoot a video – LOL! And a third apology for the shot of the pile of clean laundry waiting to be put away at the side of the bed – I shot this video while taking a little break in my very busy day. 😉

Here’s the notice I’ve put on my cupboard door, and there’s a matching one in my husband’s treat drawer!


And if you’d like to sponsor me for my Brave the Shave (all sponsorship goes to Macmillan Cancer Support, and my hair is going to Little Princess Trust to make wigs for children who have lost their hair through cancer treatment), I’d be very grateful. Every penny helps, and if you’re in the UK, please remember to click the gift aid box, as the charity will get 25% extra at no extra cost to yourself. Thanks in advance!

Brave The Shave


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