Day 4 of the Scan Bran Challenge

The fourth day in a row of eating five Scan Bran as my Healthy B choice.

Baked oats style Scan Bran with raspberriesI made a Scan Bran version of baked oats (you can find the original recipe for Baked Oats HERE), by soaking the Scan Bran in coffee before starting.

14516394_10157437776660386_2592645275057932339_nI’ve had a few people asking what Scan Bran is. It’s Scandinavian Bran crisp breads (you can get oat ones too). It’s kind of like a Ryvita slice. If you like Ryvita, chances are, you’ll be OK with Scan Bran. You can buy them from most health food stores, and some supermarkets too. I picked mine up from group for £1.20 per pack. You get ten crisp breads in each pack.

And if you’re interested, you can find my recipe for Crustless Quiche HERE.


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