Week 82 Weigh In

It’s been a fun week, and I managed to complete the challenge of making a new recipe every single day (it was a little challenging, but I did it!), so I’ve had some interesting meals and treats:

  • Friday – Spaghetti carbonara (using the new garlic and herb flavoured quark) – syn free. Absolutely delicious!
  • Saturday – Cardamom and vanilla panna cotta – syn free. It was OK, but nothing special. I won’t be bothering with it again!
  • Sunday – Apple Betty – 2.5 syns per portion. This was yummy, I’ll definitely make it again!
  • Monday – Homity pie – syn free using HEA allowance of cheese. This was very nice, but I had to use it as a side dish, as it just wasn’t enough for me as a whole meal. I had lean pork loin steaks and extra speed veg with mine.
  • Tuesday – Corned beef stew in the slow cooker. I’ve not had it since I was a kid, so this is my first ever attempt at making it myself! 1.5 syns per portion, with loads of lovely speed veg and yummy potatoes in it. I’ll steam some extra speed veg to have on the side too. This cold weather just cries out for hot pot, really, doesn’t it?
  • Wednesday – Chicken chow main (half a syn per portion and very quick and easy to make!).
  • Thursday – Chicken dopiaza (syn free), served with rice.

The challenge for this coming week is to have fish four times over the course of the week. Shouldn’t be too difficult. I’m not a huge fish fan, but I do like salmon, tuna, and haddock. Maybe I’ll make a fish pie!

Anyway, here’s my weigh in video with my result for this week and some other stuff too.

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