Weeks 90 and 91 – no weigh in

Week 90 has a video shot, despite my not weighing in – sorry it’s a little late being posted, but once you read the rest of the post you’ll understand the delay:

I’ll also not be weighing in for week 91 as I am now ill myself. I have a full-on nasty bout of flu, and was hospitalised on Monday as a result. I’m home now, and I’m OK (so please don’t worry about me!), but as a result I won’t be going to group for the second week running. I’m on bed rest, fluids, and lots of painkillers. It’s getting a little easier to swallow, but it’s still very painful, so as a result anything I eat is either liquid (ie soup), or very soft (mashed veg, pasta, that sort of thing). I am, however, sticking to the plan, so I hope that this will result in a fantastic result when I step back on the scales, which will hopefully be the Friday after this one (20th January). Obviously, being ill (and looking absolutely dreadful – honestly, it’s like the walking dead in here!), I don’t much feel like committing my image to video, so there’ll be no update for this coming Friday (13th January), but I’m sure you’ll understand.

Now, I’m off to bed with a large glass of water and a good book, but in the meantime, keep being losers, and I’ll see you all on the other side of this illness! Take care.


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