What I ate this week…

As posting my food log worked so well for me last week, I thought I’d do the same again this week to see if I could get another great result…

OMGs I look totally insane in the still that YouTube chose for this. I tried to change it to another thumbnail but it won’t let me – LOL!

And for those who are interested, here’s what I ate this week…

HEA: 350mls skimmed milk
HEB: 2 x HiFi Light bars

BREAKFAST: 1 HiFi Light bar (half B)
LUNCH: Batchelors Cheese and Leek Pasta n Sauce (1), made with milk (part A) and a butter bud (0.5), with added onion, mushroom, cauliflower, and broccoli (S)
SNACK: HiFi Light bar (half B)
DINNER: Chicken Jalfrezi (F), with rice (F), and added onion, mushrooms, and courgette (S)
TREAT: 3 Kallo dark chocolate rice cakes (12)

I forgot to take breakfast with me to group, so I grabbed a HiFi Light bar to tide me over till lunch time. We do all our grocery shopping on Friday afternoon, so we did a load of walking all around the various shops we visit to get our supplies.

HEA: 175mls skimmed milk & 32g reduced fat feta
HEB: 2 x HiFi Light bars

BREAKFAST: Yoghurt (F) and passion fruit (S)
LUNCH: Pearl barley (F), reduced fat feta (part A), cucumber, strawberries (S)
DINNER: Pulled pork and veg
Pork loin (P), herbs and spices, potatoes (F), onion, carrot, broccoli, cauliflower (S), butter bud (0.5)
TREATS: Dinky Donut (3), 2 x HiFi Light bars (HEB)

We were at a music festival down at the beach from lunchtime onwards (so we took a picnic lunch), and went for a HUGE long walk along the beach, then back into town afterwards. The little’uns were a bit tired after all that walking, so we hopped on the bus to get home. I wasn’t sure of the syns for the Dinky Donut, as I couldn’t find it on the app. I estimated it, but then decided to lay off syns for the rest of the day, just in case I was wrong!

HEA: 230mls skimmed milk & 1 Babybel Light
HEB: 60g wholemeal bread bun

BREAKFAST: Poached eggs, bacon medallions (P), griddled asparagus (S)
LUNCH: Wholemeal bun (B), pulled pork and onions (SP), carrot sticks (S), 1tbsp reduced fat houmous (2), Babybel Light (part A), strawberries (S)
DINNER: 2 x SW Italian style sausages, egg (P), potatoes (F), onion, courgette, mushrooms, pepper (S)
TREATS: 17 x Mikado sticks (8.5), Options mint hot chocolate (1.5)

Today we went to Woodhorn Museum, and took a picnic lunch with us again. Afterwards, we took a walk from the museum along the side of the lake to QEII Country Park, and back again. There’s a little steam train that runs between the two, but we thought it would be nice to walk for a change. There were loads of different kinds of butterflies and hundreds of dazzling blue dragonflies!

HEA: 230mls skimmed milk and 1 x Babybel Light
HEB: 2 x HiFi Light bars

BREAKFAST: 2 x HiFi Light bars (B)
LUNCH: Pulled pork and salad
Pork (P), onion, mixed salad, cucumber, beetroot, radish (S)
DINNER: Cajun salmon and veg
Salmon (P), potatoes, Cajun spice (F), carrots, baby corn, broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts (S), Butter Bud (0.5)
TREATS:  Sunbites sweet and salt popcorn (3), Peperami (4), Mint Options hot chocolate (1.5), lolipop (1.5), Babybel Light (part A)

The kids were back at school today, and I had an appointment in the morning, so it was all a mad rush (I should have set up some overnight oats last night!). Also had my Mum adjusting a dress for me to wear at my gig this coming weekend – it needed darts put in to make it fit properly on the top half. Now it looks awesome and I’m really looking forward to wearing it – it’s 50s style, and I have big net underskirts to wear with it.

HEA: 200mls Alpro coconut; 115mls skimmed milk; and
13g reduced fat cheddar
HEB: 30g chia seeds

BREAKFAST: Chocolate chia with raspberries
30g chia seeds (B), 200mls Alpro coconut (part A), 2tsp cocoa powder (2), vanilla essence (F), raspberries (S)
LUNCH: Mixed salad, beetroot, apple, radish (S), tuna (P)
DINNER: Meatballs and pasta
<5% fat beef mince (P), onion, garlic, passata, peppers, courgette, mushrooms (S), pasta, herbs and spices (F), 13g reduced fat cheddar (part A)
TREATS: Crisps (6.5), Peperami (4), lollipop (1.5)

I prepped breakfast the night before – it’s so easy to mix up the ingredients and just leave them in the fridge overnight, and if, like me, you’re a chocolate addict, you’ll love chocolate chia! It’s made exactly the same way as vanilla chia, but you pop a couple of teaspoons of cocoa powder in too. I also doubled up on the milk element, as I was using my HEA choice and wanted that coconut hit. As for my homemade meatballs, well, they always go down well, and I made enough to have a portion to have another time.

HEA: 115mls skimmed milk, 200mls Alpro coconut milk,
1 Babybel Light
HEB1: 40g <5% sugar pat Cheerios
HEB2: 2 x HiFi Light bars

BREAKFAST: Cheerios (B1), Alpro coconut milk (part A), Options mint hot chocolate (1.5)
LUNCH: Ham and pease pudding roll ups (P), beetroot, Apple, carrot sticks (S), 2 tbsp reduced fat houmous (4)
DINNER: Meatballs and butternut squash noodles
<5% fat beef mince (P), onion, garlic, passata, peppers, courgette, mushrooms, butternut squash (S), herbs and spices (F), 1 x Babybel Light (part A)

TREATS: 2 HiFi Light bars (B2)

I had leftover meatballs in sauce from yesterday, but with “boodles” (spiralized butternut squash), which I steamed for a few minutes, and then stir fried. The <5% sugar Oat Cheerios are awesome – you get 40g of them as a HEB (you only get 25g of the regular kind!). I love having them with Alpro coconut milk – it adds a lovely flavour. I would usually have added some fruit to the top, but I discovered, just before serving, that the strawberries I’d planned on having had gone fuzzy, so I had to do without!

HEA: 175mls skimmed milk and 300mls Alpro coconut milk
HEB1: 60g whomemeal bread roll
HEB2: 2 x HiFi Light bars

BREAKFAST: Lemon and lime curd with raspberries
Quark, eggs (P), zest and juice of lemon and lime, raspberries (S), sweetener (F)
LUNCH: Chickpea and chorizo soup with ham and pease pudding sandwich
Onion, garlic, pepper, passata (S), chickpeas, Slimming World chorizo style sausages, ham, pease pudding (P), stock cube, herbs, spices (F), 60g wholemeal bread roll (B1)
DINNER: Cajun salmon and BNS chips
Salmon (P), butternut squash (S), spices, FryLight (F)
Options salted caramel hot chocolate (1.5), 2 x Kallo dark chocolate rice cakes (8), 2 x HiFi Light bars (B2)

Had to throw dinner together quickly today, as I went to get my hair done in the afternoon, and only had a small window of time to cook and eat before I had to head out to rehearsal, so I just grabbed a salmon fillet and chopped up some butternut squash, chucked some Cajun spices on them both, and bunged them in the oven to cook while I got ready to go. Quick, but super tasty!


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