What I ate this week…

It was a taster session in group this week, and I forgot to take stuff along (my brain has been AWOL this week – too much to remember with appointments left, right, and centre!), but everything that other people brought was gorgeous, as usual!

I seem to have had a bit of a thing for curry and salmon this week…

HEA: 350mls skimmed milk
HEB: 2 x HiFi Light bars

BREAKFAST: Lemon and lime curd with raspberries
Lemon and lime juice and zest, raspberries (S), eggs, quark (P)
LUNCH: Chickpea and chorizo soup
SW chorizo style sausages, chickpeas (P), onion, garlic, passata, red pepper (S), stock, herbs and spices (F)
DINNER: SW Chicken Tikka Masala (SP), with Batchellors chicken rice (F), and added veg – mushrooms, courgette, onion (S)
2 x HiFi Light bars (B)
Crisps (6.5), lollipop (1.5), chocolate rice cake (4), Options mint hot chocolate (1.5)

I remembered to take breakfast along to group with me, had leftover soup from the batch I made yesterday for lunch, and had a quick dinner after going to do the grocery shopping.

HEA: 350mls skimmed milk
HEB: 2 HiFi Light bars

BREAKFAST: 2 HiFi bars
LUNCH: Chickpea and chorizo soup
SW chorizo style sausages, chickpeas (P), onion, garlic, passata, red pepper (S), stock, herbs and spices (F)
DINNER: Teriyaki salmon with stir fried veg
Salmon (P), soy sauce, sweetener (F), carrot, onion, garlic, pepper, baby corn, mushrooms, courgette (S)
TREAT: Birdseye home bake sausage roll (14.5)

The last of the soup for lunch. The teriyaki salmon is a quick and easy dish I love doing, I just pop the chunks of salmon in a pan with the soy sauce and a little sweetner (or you can use honey, and syn it), and cook the salmon right there in the mixture till it thickens then I pop it in the wok with the veg I’ve started stir frying to finish off. It’s quick, simple, and very, very tasty!

HEA: 300mls Alpro coconut and 175mls skimmed milk
HEB: 40g oats

BREAKFAST: Porridge (B and part A) with strawberries (S)
LUNCH: Mince and veg
<5% far beef mince, peas (P), potatoes, Oxo (F), onion, mushrooms, carrots, baby corn, sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower (S), 2 x Asda Smart Price Yorkshire puddings (4)
DINNER: Salad with tuna
Tuna (P), mixed salad, radish, cucumber, beetroot, apple (S)
TREATS: Sausage roll (14.5)

I forgot till after I’d eaten the sausage roll that is already used 4 syns at lunchtime! Ah well, it happens sometimes, I guess.

HEA: 300mls Alpro coconut milk & 175mls skimmed milk
HEB: 40g oats

BREAKFAST: Porridge (B & part A) with raspberries (S)
LUNCH: Poached eggs, bacon (P), asparagus (S)
DINNER: Chicken curry with rice
Chicken, chickpeas (P), passata, onion, garlic, BNS, mushrooms, courgette (S), golden rice (F)
Frisps (8), Peperami (4), Options Belgian chocolate hot choc (2)

I love how asparagus works with eggs – so lovely! And I’ve kinda been in a curry mood this weekend. This one was home made a while back, and portioned up for the freezer.

HEA: 350mls skimmed milk
HEB: 2 x HiGi Light bars

BREAKFAST: Lemon curd with passion fruit
Lemon juice and zest, passion fruit (P), eggs, quark (P), sweetener (F)
LUNCH: Sushi
Tuna (P), rice, ginger, soy sauce (F), cucuber (S), nori (0.5)
DINNER: Coated salmon with veg:
Salmon (P), smash, potatoes, spices, Frylight (F), carrot, asparagus, baby corn, sprouts, cauliflower, broccoli (S), 1 tbsp honey (2.5syns), butter bud (0.5)
Crisps (6), lolipop (1.5), Options mint hot choc (1.5), nori (0.5) 2 x HiFi Light bars (B)

I forgot to take a pic of my sushi at lunch time, so I used an old pic. I LOVE making my own sushi – it’s so easy to make, especially as I have a shushi bazooka and a rolling mat – LOL! The salmon at dinner was dipped in beaten egg, then in a mixture of Smash, herbs, and spices ( then dipped it back in the egg and back in the Smash mix a second time to properly coat it), then I popped it in a little baking dish, spritzed it with a little FryLight, and baked it till it was golden. The coating was deliciously crisp and tasty! Technically, it’s a tweak to use Smash this way, but as it’s a one in a while thing, and the amount used was so small, I don’t assign syns to it.

A: 20g reduced fat cheese and 185mls skimmed milk
HEB: 2 x HiFiLight bars

BREAKFAST: Lemon curd and raspberries
Lemon zest and juice, raspberries (S), quark, eggs (P), sweetener (F)
LUNCH: Chickpea and chorizo soup
Onion, garlic, red pepper, passata (S), chickpeas, SW chorizo style sausages (P), stock, herbs, spices (F)
SW burgers (P), honey glazed roast carrots (S/2.5), courgette, onion, mushrooms, leeks (S), potatoes, herbs, spices (F), quark, egg (P), cheese and milk (part A)
TREATS: 2 x HiGi light bars (B), Yoghurt (F), Peperami (4), Crisps (6), Options hot choc (1.5)

The potatoes at dinner were tasty, but I didn’t leave them in quite long enough for my taste – I think next time I’ll par-boil them before baking! Dead easy though – mix the quark with a beaten egg, a little milk (from HEA choice), and some seasonings according to your preferences, then layer up with the thinly sliced potatoes and leeks, and top with a little cheese (from HEA choice) and whack in the oven till the potatoes are tender and the cheese is golden. I shared mine with my eldest kid, who loved it, even if I thought the potatoes were still a little firm.

I forgot to post my Thursday menu on the group and now I can’t find the photos (I must have accidentally deleted them), and I can’t remember what I did 5 minutes ago, never mind what I ate on Thursday. It was definitely on-plan though, I promise!



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