How I did this week…

No video this week, as I’m busy, busy, busy, but here’s my update.

I had a pretty darned good week – I’d say I was about 95% on-plan and I got a lot of activity in with the kids, but I’m definitely feeling hormonal and bloated at the moment, so I wasn’t surprised to step on the scales and find I’d gained half a pound. Ah well, it happens, right?

I won’t be weighing in next week, as I’m away – off to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival for the day, so there’ll be plenty of walking involved from venue to venue, as we’ll take in four or five different shows all in one day – exhausting, but amazing! I won’t be in complete control of the food that day, but I’ll make the most sensible choices I can, and the food I take with me will all be on-plan too.

Also off to Aberdeen for a few days to visit family. Again, I won’t have complete control over all the food, but I’ll do the best I can and I’m taking some food with me to help with that situation!

And to finish off, my consultant, Andy, was asking for before and after pics to promote the group. Now, I still have quite a way to go, but I thought I’d dig out some before pics and post some “in progress” ones to compare and show how far I’ve come. The difference is quite obvious, I think!

And a very last extra bit, I thought I’d share some pics of the beautiful place I hiked to with the kids this week – we were out nearly all day, walking to this beautiful little spot, and having a picnic (all on plan!). We’ll definitely go again, because it was stunning and so peaceful!



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