Brave the Shave

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My Great Grandad died when I was six months old. He was diagnosed with cancer and told he had weeks to live, but he hung on in there to meet his first great grandchild. I never knew him, but I knew about him. A couple of years ago my Uncle Cas died of pancreatic cancer. It was sudden – very unexpected – we hadn’t even known he was ill. It was a shocking loss. He’d been there all my life and then suddenly, he wasn’t.

In recent years, my Auntie has beaten breast cancer, Grom has beaten skin cancer twice, and my Dad has beaten prostate cancer too. You could say cancer kind of runs in my family.

It’s a scary thought, but I don’t think I know anyone who hasn’t either had cancer or knows someone who has fought it or died of it.

So, on 1st August 2016, I took part in the BRAVE THE SHAVE challenge, and shaved all my hair off.

This is for all those who have fought and won, for those who are still fighting, for those who lost their battles, and for all the families who have to watch their loved ones go through it.

I also donated my hair to Little Princess Trust, a charity that makes wigs from donated hair for those who have none of their own for whatever reason, hence I’m growing it for a year beforehand (my donated hair measured 15 inches and weighed just under a pound!).

My target was £365 – £1 for every day I grew my hair. I’ve smashed that target but my Brave the Shave page remains open indefinitely.

If you’d like to donate,
you can do so at my

All money raised goes directly to
Macmillan Cancer Support.


One thought on “Brave the Shave

  1. I donated my locks too last year! Didn’t go for the shave but still great to know my gorgeous auburn hair hopefully gave someone feeling a bit poo abitov a lift each time they put their fab wig on! 😃💪🏻😘xx

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