Hi there! My name is Kell, and like millions of other people around the world, I’m using the Slimming World plan to shed the extra weight I’ve gained over the years. This blog is my way of staying accountable and keeping track of my progress, as well as sharing my own ideas and recipes that I have adapted or developed to eat as part of my healthy eating plan.

Please note, I AM NOT A SLIMMING WORLD CONSULTANT. I do not work for, nor am I in any way affiliated with Slimming World in any way other than being a paying member of a local class who weighs in weekly, along with everyone else.

When I post recipes, I make every effort to ensure I have the syns values correct, but please bear in mind that sometimes companies change their recipes, which, in turn, changes their syns value. Please also bear in mind that I am human, and can make mistakes – if I find an error, or someone alerts me to one, I will make every effort to amend it in a timely manner – please me patient! In any event, IT IS ALWAYS BEST TO DOUBLE-CHECK INFORMATION WITH YOUR CONSULTANT OR CONTACT SLIMMING WORLD DIRECTLY – better to be sure and not scupper your weight loss efforts! Don’t just take the word of people on the internet – they might have made an innocent mistake, but that mistake could lead to your disappointment on weigh-in day!

From time to time I will review products that are on the market, products that are designed to help those who are trying to eat healthily and lose weight, or perhaps to do with being more active.

Please note, I AM NOT PAID FOR THESE REVIEWS, nor was I given any products for free* – I bought them myself for my own personal use, and all opinions expressed are entirely my own.

I hope you’ll enjoy this blog and will visit often. If you fancy it, you can subscribe to the blog very easily (just check out the subscribe bit on the right hand side). Go on – you know you want to!

With any luck, with a bit of mutual support and inspiration, we can all get to be where we want to be.

Best wishes,

* Should that change, it will state as much on the individual reviews.


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